Renewable Energy Advice

Service Overview

Union Infrastructure works with some of the world’s most important renewable energy providers with operations in Mexico. We are engaged in identifying and introducing energy buyers to these providers and producers.

Union Infrastructure can provide an expert response to energy buying questions with our expertise, complimented by specialist consultants.

Union Infrastructure Services

Union Infrastructure’s principal services in the Renewable Energy Sector include:

  • Working with energy buyers (off takers) to identify the most suitable long term energy partner under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or self supply scheme.
  • Working with energy providers to obtain finance for their renewable energy projects.
  • UI can provide strategic advice to consumers, developers, agents and consultants on technical, contractual and pricing issues relating to a range of industry matters including; funding, finance and investment, renewable technologies, energy strategy, carbon strategy and project management.

Union Infrastructure Delivery

We understand the interface between engineering, finance and economics.

We are widely connected in the private sector, with brand perception well above our size.

We understand the developing Mexico market model.

We are uncompromising in delivering quality advice, and we operate with a high standard of ethics in all our work.

Union Infrastructure’s expertise in PPA’s is focused on Mexico. We can, however, provide related advice in other markets, throughout Central and Latin America.